For the Rebel that seems quiet and carefree, but deep down in the depth of her soul is loud and ready for the good fight. For the Rebel that waits patiently for the right time to set the world on fire. For the Rebel that is kind and here to change the world, one small act at a time. For the Rebel that feels the weight of the world but keeps going anyway. For the Rebel that isn't here for the negativity and hatred in the world. For the Rebel that loves people but hates how society has twisted perceptions and made lack of understanding the new norm. This is why Rebel was created. I wanted to Rebel in my own way and by doing so, I found more people just like me. Not rebellious in a loud in your face way, but in a way that hits you in the feels makes a difference. These pretty little things are for all of my Rebels. From cute beach stacks to add a little extra something to your summer, to jewelry with reminders, to fun apparel that makes your Rebel Soul happy. It's all for YOU! Love and Light to all of you!

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Happiness Comes in Waves and Rebel Stacks!