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Angel Numbers Adjustable Bracelet Stack

Angel Numbers Adjustable Bracelet Stack

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111 - Intuition - Trust your Gut

222 - Alignment - You are in the right place at the right time

333 - Support - Your spiritual guides are around you 

444 - Protection - The Universe and your spirit guides are protecting you

555 - Change - Something new is coming

666 - Reflect - Time to wake up to your higher spiritual truth

777 - Luck - Good things are about to happen

888 - Balance - Everything is falling into place

999 - Release - It's time to let go of what no longer serves you 



Choose your style and then send me the numbers you'd lile.



Adjustable, wax-coated, and waterproof bracelet stacks! These beauties are perfect for all year round!


*All bracelets are handmade and may vary from the pictures.***If colors are no longer available a message will be sent to you with options.*

**Bracelets are made from wax coated polyester string and are adjustable.**

***The wax-coated cording is NOT indestructible and WILL fray if altered in any way.***

****Please expect normal wear to show, especially with constant removal.****