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Rebel Key Necklace

Rebel Key Necklace

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After the order is placed I will reach out to you via the contact email supplied with your order to customize your new necklace. 


Each necklace is handmade with specific intentions. Each one is customized for a person based on their needs or wants. There’s so much symbolism and energy within each necklace and each is unique in its own way.

Each necklace includes a long chain, a vintage skeleton key, a copper virtue tag, a copper number tag, two stones, and a card telling the unique story of your necklace.

***Please note that due to product availability some chains, keys, and stones may differ. Keys are all vintage so they come in different shapes and sizes. Stones are unique and can differ in color and size as well.

What Makes a Rebel Key?

The Key – I have ALWAYS had a LOVE of skeleton keys; so much so that I had one tattooed on me a few years back.

Authentic skeleton keys have so much history behind them. The thought of what they could have opened or who could have held them excites me. Including the key in my design just seemed natural. The key in the necklace is a symbol. It represents the person wearing it. I want the person wearing the Rebel Key Necklace to remember that THEY are the KEY to their own happiness, to their own future. You hold the power, no one else.

The Virtue Tag – These too are created as a reminder. These reminders can be about who the wearer is or who they want to be. For example, I created one for a very courageous woman who is battling cancer. Her tag said WARRIOR. My hope is that even on her darkest day she looks down at that necklace and remembers how far she has come; how much of a fighter she is. Another reminder could be a virtue, such as POSITIVITY. I created one for a very strong-willed man who wants desperately to be positive but sometimes forgets to change his thought process. My hope for him is that when he is angry with the world, or just having a bad day, that he can look down at his necklace and remember that one bad thing, or one bad day, doesn’t make a bad life. I hope that he can then find one small thing to be thankful for. Eventually, pushing the negativity away will become easier.

The Stones – The stones are customized based on the intention of the necklace. For the WARRIOR I mention above, I included Green Quartz and Amethyst. Green Quartz is very healing, while Amethyst is very calming. Going through such a difficult time requires healing—emotionally and physically—as well as balance, which is achieved through calmness. The intention behind these stones was to provide her with the good vibes and energy that she needs to get through this time in her life. (There are typically two stones with each necklace unless specifically noted.)

The Copper Wrapping – This is used to amplify the energies of the stones, and it looks rather lovely against the stones and the dark-colored keys.

Since these necklaces are custom made you will need to send me a message with some information on who the necklace is for and what your intentions for that person are and we'll go from there!